Blacker and Company

Blacker & Company, established in 1888, has been providing quality services since 128 years. We are a freight forwarding company, based in India with the head office in Kolkata, West Bengal. Blacker & Company has it branch offices in New Delhi and Mumbai and also has its counterparts at all major ports across India. It also has an overseas presence across major ports worldwide. The company specializes in freight forwarding, custom clearance, air freight, shipping and warehousing. Blacker & Company is an authorised Air Cargo Agent for both imports and exports, officially registered with the IATA. It enjoys a strong financial standing and financial credibility. Its vast network with a global clientele has enabled it to handle shipments across the globe. The company has gained rich experience in custom clearance and freight forwarding (air and sea) which enables it to customise its services for its various clients.

The company will provide you with all the documentation involved in handling your shipment. Our team constitutes individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, some of which include management, shipping, and transportation. We are consistently focussed on delivering high quality value-added services to all our clients and maintain long-term relationships with them.

Front-end Services & Customer Services

Front-end Services

This entails:

  1. Analysis of product supply
  2. Forecast and demand fulfillment
  3. Procurement of materials
  4. Consolidation of materials
  5. Inbound international/local transportation
  6. Back-end Services
  7. System Interfacing for global management
  8. Outbound international and local distribution (Direct Customers)
  9. Value-added services
  10. Real time visibility

Blacker’s Warehouse Management System backs its users with maximal security and speed with process status visibility of all shipments. The System allows real-time data input, stock tracking, interface capabilities, direct Internet access and web order placing and other customized functions like cycle counting and inventory reports.

Customs Advisory Service

Blacker has a network of partner companies in all major cities of India work closely together to provide consistent service in the areas of air freight forwarding, ocean freight, road freight, customs clearance, inland transportation, cargo inventory and measurement, consolidation, distribution, and storage.

Moreover, Blacker is always searching for innovative solutions for our clients. In particular, our professionals are constantly analyzing the exact application of the Indian Customs Tariff (ICT)/ International Trade Classifications (ITC) in order to take full advantage of the benefits within the existing legal framework

Customer Service

Since 1888,Blacker has been a reliable freight forwarding company and clearing & forwarding agent in India located in Kolkata. The company specializes in air and sea freight forwarding, custom clearance, warehousing in India. It has gained a rich experience in freight forwarding field that enables it to cater to clients’ specific requirements.

Our team is comprised of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including management, shipping, and transportation. From our drivers to our dispatchers, from our customer relation officers and our sales teams to our management, our focus is on delivering a high quality of service consistently.

There is an understanding of service and responsibility that infuses our organization, which cannot be artificially implanted. Each member of our “professional family” has a drive to make Bkacker the most professional and well-respected company in this field.

Areas of Business

  • Custom clearance, Freight Forwarding and Cargo Handling
  • Air Cargo Agents(IATA) exports and imports
  • Warehousing
  • Road Transportation
  • Project Handling
  • Freight Broking/ Ship Chartering

The company has been established since 1888, and is providing services to customers since 128 years. As a company, we have counterparts at major ports all across India and a strong overseas network. This helps us to carry out our operations in all major countries across the world. Strong market credibility and a sound financial base enable us to handle operation worldwide. We are aware of the client demands and their urgency and therefore aim to solve any problems that may occur during the clearance and transportation process. We are equipped with well-qualified, experienced & trained staff supported by full-computerized documentation and armed with the latest communication equipments, which can guarantee you the best service in this field. The experienced personnel, working in our company are efficient in providing tailor made services to our clients.

Blacker and Company has its own Customs Licence and the Freight forwarding division specializes in turnkey services to exporters/importers at Kolkata. Operations are successfully handled at the branch offices based in Mumbai and New Delhi as well. The company is an IATA appointed Air Cargo agent. It is also an active member of Air Cargo Agents Association of India. Blacker and Company is one of the largest freight brokers in the Kolkata market and specialises in all major project handling.

Quality services provided by the firm enables it to attract customers from across the globe.


A fully automated warehouse for consolidating and holding shipments and bulk goods, short and long term under the care of a logistics control and inventory management team.

By taking advantage of our warehouse facilities, our partners and clients are able to effectively manage their inventory without being constrained by limited space at their factories or manufacturing sites. This allows our customers to store products until needed or until the full shipment is ready to be dispatched to their international customers.

Our warehouse facilities also enables our international clients to store their valuable commodities until needed by their domestic clients and thereby avoiding the long delays in delivery caused by receipt of


Blacker logistics add value to your organisation leaving a lasting impression on your operations. We offer seamless end-to-end supply chain solutions to regional and global customers, through our hubs in country. Strategically located, our warehouse facilities are designed to support the specific requirements of our customers. Building on our expertise, Blacker Logistics is providing first class value added services, supported by advanced information technology systems. It will provide maximum efficiency and convenience With its Total Supply Chain Management capabilities, Blacker provides customers with seamless, one-stop shop logistics solutions covering front- and backend services.